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Door knob options for home and business

Door knobs for home or business – Know your options before you choose the right lock. Door knobs play a crucial role in providing security, convenience, and aesthetics to both residential and commercial spaces. In this article, Reliable Locksmith technicians will explain the differences between the most common door knobs available for homes and businesses, exploring their features, functionalities, and applications.

Whether you are looking for a simple passage knob for our Minneapolis office, a privacy lock for your St Paul home front door, or a high-security smart knob for enhanced security, this blog post will help you make informed decisions and select the perfect door knobs for your specific needs.

Reliable locksmith technician changing new door knob

Let’s start with the most common and basic Door Knobs available: (you can find them at home depot, Lowes etc)

1. Passage Door Knobs: These door knobs are commonly used on interior doors that do not require locking, such as hallways or closets.

2. Privacy Door Knobs: Designed for bedrooms, bathrooms, or other areas requiring privacy, these knobs incorporate a locking mechanism. They provide security and peace of mind, ensuring privacy when needed. However, they don’t require a key to lock and unlock, and this can be done manually.

3. Keyed Entry Door Knobs: Ideal for exterior doors, these door knobs require a key to unlock from the outside. They offer basic security and are available in various styles and finishes.

Second, we have unique Door Knobs:

1. Dummy Door Knobs: These non-functional knobs are primarily used for decorative purposes or to create symmetry with active door knobs. Its recommend to install those with a deadbolt for extra security.
2. Lever Handles: Unlike traditional knobs, lever handles feature a lever-shaped handle that is easier to operate, making them ideal for individuals with disabilities or limited hand mobility.

They offer convenience and accessibility without compromising style. They are mostly common in office spaces.

Finally, we have high security Door Knobs

1. Electronic/Smart Door Knobs: These innovative door knobs integrate electronic or smart
technology for enhanced security and convenience. They offer keyless entry options, remote
control features (such as with Wifi), and advanced functionalities such as fingerprint scanners or Bluetooth connectivity.

Before you make your decision, it may be useful to consider the following:

1. Security Requirements: Assess the level of security needed for each door. Exterior doors
typically require higher-security options like keyed entry or smart knobs, while interior doors
may only need passage or privacy knobs. In addition, remember that smart door knobs aren’t
necessarily more secure than keyed knobs, they are just more advanced and offer a more
convenience lock and unlock options.

2. Aesthetic Appeal: We all have a different taste when it comes to decoration. Consider the style,
finish, and material of the knob to ensure it complements the surrounding decor.

3. Functionality and Accessibility: Consider the specific needs of the people who are about to use the knob. Lever handles offer ease of use, while smart knobs provide advanced features for convenience. (but may be harder for children to operate for example)

In conclusion,

Door knobs are more than just functional hardware; they contribute to the overall safety, style, and convenience of homes and businesses.

Therefore, by understanding the diverse range of door knobs available, you can make informed choices that meet your specific home or office needs while.

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