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Three point lock

Three-point locks refer to a type of locking mechanism that is being used in doors to provide extra security. They typically consist of three separate locking points (for both residential and
commercial purposes), engaging with corresponding strike plates on the door frame.

When the lock is engaged, the three points simultaneously extend into the strike plates, securing the door at multiple locations. You can see this type of lock on front business doors,
home sliding glass doors or even emergency exit doors.

This design significantly improves the door’s resistance to forced entry compared to standard single-point locks such as door knobs, or even deadbolts.

Three-point locks are also known as multi point locks, depends on the brand you choose.

In the Minneapolis St Paul are, we see many different setups for three point locks and are very common in our area for both residential and commercial uses.

Multi point lock for installed on office and commercial door by Reliable locksmith in Minneapolis MN

Three point locks and high security locks – is there a difference?

It is important to understand that while both high security locks and three point locks provide
extra security they are essentially different from one another.

A three-point lock refers to a locking mechanism that engages with separate points along the
door and frame to provide enhanced security.
It typically includes bolts or hooks that extend from the door into the strike plates on the frame.

On the other hand, a high-security lock such as Medeco, Mul-t-lock and more refers to a lock
that offers a higher level of security than standard. These types of locks can come in different
shapes and uses such as mortise cylinder, deadbolt, door knob and more.

In addition, high-security locks are designed to withstand advanced techniques used by
burglars, such as lock picking, bumping, or drilling. These locks often have additional features,
such as hardened materials, unique keyways, and unique mechanisms, to resist picking or

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3 Point lock installation examples

In the pictures below, you can see an example of Marvin 3 point lock we installed on a wood residential door.

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