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Schlage Locks

Schlage is an industry leader when it comes to both home and office security. In fact, here at Reliable Locksmith in Minneapolis, it’s one of the brands we most highly recommend to our clients. And because Schlage is such a household name, we know that the homeowners and business owners we work with will easily be able to find a lock that fits their budget and their needs.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most common types of Schlage locks, where to find them, and what they can do to meet your security needs.

Manual door knobs and deadbolts

Door knobs

Whether you’re looking for a door knob for your master bedroom or you’re renting your spare room, Schlage offers a range of different styles of keyed cylindrical door knobs, such as the Georgian Keyed Entry Door Knob. This is a top-rated model suitable for internal and external doors in your home or office. At Home Depot, it’s only $32.


A deadbolt can help add an extra level of security for both your internal and external doors. One of the most popular Schlage deadbolts on the market is the B60 Series Camelot Single Cylinder Deadbolt Certified Highest for Security and Durability. This residential deadbolt can help you feel safe and secure while also fitting in seamlessly with your home’s existing aesthetic. It’s around $44 at Home Depot.

Double deadbolts

A standard deadbolt features a keyhole on one side of the door and a turnable lever on the other side. A double deadbolt, on the other hand, features keyholes on both sides of the door for an extra level of security. Double deadbolts are most commonly used on doors that have a window, as an intruder will still be unable to open the door even if the window is broken.

Schlage offers a range of double deadbolts for both residential and commercial settings, such as the popular  B62 Series Double Cylinder Deadbolt Certified Highest for Security and Durability. Because they offer another line of defense, double deadbolts are often slightly more expensive than standard models. This one typically sells at Home Depot for $48.

Keyless entry locks

Keypad entry locks are one of Schalge’s most popular products, offering business and homeowners the convenience of entry without a physical key. Here are a two varieties of Schlage’s keypad options:

Keypad Knob with Plymouth Trim and Plymouth Knob with Auto Lock

These keypad door knobs are easy-to-install, easy-to-program, reliable and affordable. They are ideal for families, rental properties, and commercial spaces that need to be unlocked by multiple staff members. This type of keypad lock is available for about $123.

Camelot Trim Keypad Deadbolt

If you’re looking for a keypad lock with an extra level of durability and security than a door knob, this highly rated deadbolt could be a great option. Like the keypad door knob, the Camelot Trip deadbolt can store up to 19 different access codes, making it ideal for sharing with family members, renters, or employees. And you can find it for a similar price as the keypad knob.

In this category, we can find a great variety of locks such as: SCHLAGE BE365 PLY 622 Keypad Electronic Deadbolt, Schlage Control BE467 Smart Deadbolt Satin Chrome Greenwich 626 and more. 

Smart locks

Schlage has stayed ahead of the curve of smart tech by releasing a line of smart locks for every setting. No matter if you’re looking for something with a moderate amount of technology or a lock with all the bells and whistles, Schlage has you covered.

Their overall best seller is the Century Electronic Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt with Alarm. It pairs with your existing smart home system, such as Alexa or Google Assistant to make accessing your home more convenient and secure than ever before. It can also be programmed to accept up to 100 unique access codes and provide you with useful information such as entry history. You can find this Schlage smart lock for $236 at Home Depot.

Can you install Schlage products yourself?

Schlage products come in a range of different levels of security, design, and smart technology. Which means that some are easier to install than others. When it comes to your home or office security, though, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional locksmith to make sure that you’re fully protected from intrusion.

Here in Minneapolis, the cost of having a professional locksmith install a new lock can range from about $50 to $400 or more depending on the level of security and whether the lock will be programmed to your smart home system.

In addition, commercial locks, especially those installed on exit devices, can cost even more. This is why its very important to share with the locksmith the exact model of the lock you have, as well as the type of door you need it installed on.

Reliable Locksmith is your go-to for Schlage locks!

Whether you are looking to boost your security at your Central Minneapolis storefront or rent out your extra room in the North Loop, your local locksmiths here at Reliable Locksmith in the Twin Cities are here to help with the Schlage recommendations and installation you need!

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