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Emergency home and office lockout services

Residential lockout services

Whether you have a standard mechanical lock or a smart security system, we’ll be able to get you back inside as soon as possible. Here are a few of the reasons why we get called out for residential lockouts:

  • Key locked inside the house. You run back to the car to grab that last bag of groceries only to find that the door locked behind you on your way out! This is a common issue and we can easily fix it by picking the lock and getting you back inside.
  • Lost or stolen keys. When your keys go missing, you might worry about the security of your home. In this case, we can help you decide whether you want to change your locks, rekey them, or upgrade your security system.
  • Problems with mechanical locking systems. Even highly rated locks will fail over time. The key may stick or break in the lock, or you might have issues with the cylinder and latching mechanisms.
  • Technical problems with smart security systems. Smart security systems can add an extra level of protection to your home. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t fail from time to time! Having an experienced professional on the scene to work with your locks and talk to your smart lock provider can save you the headache of trying to be your own IT person.
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Office lockout assistance

When dealing with commercial lockouts, every moment that you spend locked out of your store or office is money lost. So, you’ll want experienced commercial lockout service providers who know that time is of the essence. Here’s how we can help:

  • Basic lockouts for door knobs or deadbolts. Maybe an employee left a key on their desk or at home and you need someone on the scene fast. We can help you get back inside no matter if you use purely mechanical locks or an electronic security system.
  • Faulty or worn-out locks such as mortise locks or rim cylinders. Perhaps you purchased a commercial space that came with an existing set of locks that have worn down. We’re happy to assess the state of your current locks and suggest any upgrades that can prevent further problems with your locks.
  • Lockouts from security breaches. The worst case scenario is that your commercial space has experienced a security breach, such as stolen keys or tampering with your security system. In this scenario, we can help you re-establish a functioning, safe system to prevent future problems.

How much does it cost to get a house or office unlocked?

There are a few factors that will determine how much you can expect to pay for mobile lockout services for home and office spaces, including:

  • Whether you need emergency lockout services. If you’re searching for “emergency home lockout services near me,” it may be because you left the water running or the oven on and you need someone on the scene immediately. This can sometimes raise the price of a lockout service if we need to pause our other work to come right away.
  • The kind of security system you have. If we can open the door with nothing more than our basic toolkit, you’ll be looking at the lowest service rate. But, in cases of advanced technology or high security locks, we may need to spend more time unlocking your home or office.
  • Whether your keys are lost or locked inside. Another factor that can affect price is whether your keys are locked inside or completely lost. In both residential and commercial settings, lost or stolen keys could mean a security vulnerability, so you might want to rekey or replace your locks instead of simply cutting a spare.

With all of this in mind, mobile lockout services for home and office in the Twin Cities typically range from $80 to $180. Rekeying, installation of new locks, and reprogramming of smart security systems could raise this price.

Fast lockout service response time for homes and offices

Even though we cover a large area, Reliable Locksmith is one of the fastest locksmiths you’ll find. We have our own dispatch system, which means that we can easily find the professional locksmith who is closest to you already. So, no matter whether you’re in Saint Louis Park, Bloomington, Sunfish Lake, or another part of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we’ll arrive in no time.

How to avoid needing residential or commercial lockout service providers in the future

Even though we’re sure to wow you with our customer service, we can bet that you don’t want to need our lockout services again any time soon. Here are a few ways that you can avoid getting locked out:

  • Have a spare key. This one is as simple as it gets. Having more than one key for your doors can help you in a pinch, especially if your keys are locked inside your home or office. You might keep the spare key in your purse, in your car, or with a trusted neighbor or friend. Having a lockbox outside of your home may also be a good option.
  • Have a system in place for employees. Every business owner must decide how many keys they’re going to make and how to distribute them. You want to find the balance between an air-tight security system with a limited number of keys and the convenience of making sure that at least a few of your most trusted employees have a spare in case of emergencies.
  • Consider swapping out traditional security systems for code-based smart systems. Using codes instead of keys may cut down lockout emergencies. It can also increase your overall security and convenience. Talk to us about different kinds of electronic systems that we would recommend for commercial spaces.

So, how to get into a locked house or office? The solution is Reliable Locksmith!

No matter where you are in the Twin Cities, from East Harriet to Highland and more, we’ll arrive quickly and ready to get your back into your home or office!

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