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Emergency Car Lockout Services

Getting locked out of your car can be a panic-inducing moment. But, you don’t have to call an expensive tow service or watch online DIY videos showing you how to break into your car. Reliable Locksmith offers affordable car lockout services for the entire Minneapolis-St. Paul area. So, whether you’re in St. Louis Park, Little Canada, Bloomington or another part of the Twin Cities, we can come to you, fast!

Here’s what you can expect when you hire our professional car lockout assistance.

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How the pros get you back in your car

When you call up our 24/7 car lockout service, here are the steps we’ll follow to get you back inside:

  • We’ll ask you the make, model and VIN number of your car. First of all, we need to know what we’re working with, so be ready to give us a few relevant details about your car. This also allows us to verify that you’re the owner.
  • We’ll ask whether you locked the keys inside or will be needing a replacement key. In the case of keys being locked inside the car, we can use our tools to open the car door and grant you access. But, if your keys are lost, stolen, or malfunctioning, it will be necessary for us to cut a new one. So, when you give us a call, we’ll take a look in our inventory and make sure we’ve got a replacement key in stock should you need one.
  • We’ll give you an accurate estimate of when we’ll arrive. Car lockout service response time is important, and we do our best to get to you in as little time as possible.
  • We’ll come to you with our specialized tools to get back into your car. An emergency locksmith for cars always shows up with sets of tools that we might need for the job. Whether we need to remove a key broken in the lock, or use an air wedge to gently leverage the door open, we’ll show up fully equipped for any job.
  • We’ll troubleshoot any technical details if you have a newer car. If you’ve been locked out of your car because you lost your keys or your FOB stopped working, we may need to reprogram a new set. This will require us to connect to your car’s central operating system to introduce the new key codes. Not to worry, for most cars, we’ve got the portable equipment to do it all on site and save you a costly trip to the dealership.
  • You’ll be back on the road! It’s as simple as that. Our services are designed to make car lockouts as stress-free as possible.

How much does it cost to get a car unlocked?

The best way to know how much a car lockout will cost is to call us at Reliable Locksmith for a quote. That’s because there are a couple of different scenarios that can affect the price, including the security system of your car and whether you’ll need a replacement key or a standard lockout service. So, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of the price once we’ve learned more about your situation.

That being said, calling an emergency locksmith for cars in the Minneapolis area typically costs somewhere between $69 and $185. The lower end of that range accounts for basic lockouts in which the keys are in the car. Depending on your specific car, key replacements and FOB reprogramming will put you at the higher end of the range.

Should you try the DIY option?

Instead of searching “emergency car lockout service near me,” you might be tempted to try a DIY option. But there are a few reasons why we don’t recommend this:

  • It could damage your locks. Auto locksmiths often rely on fairly simple tools to manually open car doors. But that doesn’t mean that what we’re doing isn’t technical! Without the right experience, you could damage your locks or windows and end up with a more costly problem on your hands.
  • For cars with modern technology, you may still need to reprogram any spare keys. We often get calls from clients who ordered a blank key online only to find that they’re still locked out of their car. Reprogramming new keys should always be done by a professional who is able to access your car’s operating system.

How to prevent car lockouts in the future

Even though we make the process simple and affordable, we can bet that you don’t want to have to call a mobile car lockout service again in the future. Here are a few ways that you can avoid it:

  • Have a spare key cut ahead of time. Having an extra key in the house is a life-saver!
  • Put your key on a bright keychain. It can be a bit of an eyesore, but it really does the trick!
  • Delegate the responsibility. If you’re going to be running errands with a friend or driving somewhere with family, let them help you keep track of your keys. Don’t lock the car without someone doing a “key check” so that it becomes a ritual.
  • Slow down. We know, we know. Sometimes you can’t slow down your busy schedule. But, we can’t tell you how many times we get called because someone locked themselves out while in a hurry to get to work or run errands. After all, car lockouts tend to happen when we’re already frazzled. If you can, give yourself a couple of extra minutes or remind yourself to check for your keys more frequently when you’re in a rush. In the long run it will save you time when you don’t have to call a car locksmith for lockout assistance.

Reliable locksmith is your best defense against car lockouts!

From Golden Valley to Falcon Heights to Central Minneapolis, Reliable Locksmith will come to you for all your auto locksmith needs. Remember, we have a few locations around the Twin cities and therefore we can offer fast car lockout services so that you don’t have to panic the next time you’re in a rush and that door just won’t open.

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