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Getting your car keys replaced in Minneapolis, St Paul, St Louis Park or any other area in the twin cities doesn’t have to be the errand that brings your schedule to a halt.

By calling an experienced auto locksmith, you can enjoy a new set of car keys without wasting time and money at the dealership.

Our team at Reliable Locksmith is here to help.

Whether you live in a neighborhood within city limits or are in a suburb like Fridley or Edina, we can get your back behind the wheel so that you can get on with your regular routine.

Automotive locksmith is coding new key Reliable Locksmith MN

Car key replacement for older models

If your car is older than the late 80s, chances are, it uses a mechanical key for both the doors
and the ignition. You’ll be able to identify this type of key because it’s made completely of metal.
In other words, there’s no transponder chip in the head of the key. Therefore, no coding is
This is the easiest and cheapest kind of car key to replace. All we need to do is buy a spare key
for your type of car and cut a new one using your existing key or your car’s make, model, and
VIN number. If you arent sure how to get it done, we will be happy to assist you. You can stop
by at our store with your title and we will cut you a new key.

Car key replacement for transponder keys

As early as the mid 90’s, car companies began the transition to keys with technology built in for
safety and convenience. The first version was the transponder key. These keys are fitted with a
transponder chip which communicates with the car’s central computer.

You can tell your car key is a transponder key because it will have a mechanical component as well as a plastic housing. In this plastic housing is where the chip is located.
The plastic portion of the key will have buttons to perform basic functions like unlock or lock the
car door or engage a panic.

In the early days, transponder keys used a fairly simple code to remotely open the car and even
start the ignition. Over time, some car companies (Toyota, Infiniti, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and
more) increased security by introducing rolling codes, which would change after each use.

In these cases, we need to use specialized equipment to communicate with your car’s central
computer. Once we’re connected, we can retire your old keys and introduce new ones. This
process is called reprogramming or key coding.

Whether your car uses the earliest version of transponder key technology or the more advanced
one, getting this kind of key replaced is typically simple. When you give us a call, we’ll check to
see if we have your particular key in stock or order a new one if needed.

Then, depending on your car’s operation system, we may need to program the new key to your car. Reliable locksmith offers on site service so we will come to your location, cut and code you the new key.

Laser cut keys

Laser cut keys are a type of transponder key but with an added level of protection, namely in the
mechanical portion of the key. You can identify a laser cut key because instead of ridges on the
edge of the key, they have a vertical cut going down the middle.

This makes the key slightly harder to duplicate outside of a dealership or locksmith. In addition, those types of keys require specific cutting machine.

As with transponder keys, laser cut keys also typically need to be programmed to your car.

Reprogramming for modern car keys

Nowadays, car key technology is more advanced than ever before. While that makes our job a
little bit harder, these changes are ultimately in the best interest of car owners like you!

Modern car keys usually look like a flip-key with a FOB or a keyless FOB and they allow you to
use proximity to lock and unlock the car as well as enjoy push button ignition and other
advanced features.

You might have found that not every auto locksmith is able to reprogram keys from all cars.
That’s because the technology in these FOBs is more complex than in a transponder key,
meaning that the reprogramming process may require a different kind of equipment.

Some auto locksmiths do not have the latest equipment or know-how to reprogram keys for all cars. Call us here at Reliable Locksmith no matter what your car’s make and model.

We’ve got the right software equipment to get the job done and the experience to do it fast!

What can go wrong when you order a key yourself

You may be tempted to order a new set of blank keys for yourself before calling an auto

After all, you can probably find your car’s blank key online for a reasonable price. But, the fact is that if your car was made after the 2000s, you’ll need a professional with the right equipment to code the new keys for your car.

And, if you attempt to do it yourself, you could end up with a bigger headache than if you had turned to an auto locksmith from the start. We also sometimes get clients who thought they were buying the right blank, only to find out that they need to replace it or purchase a new one because they selected the wrong one.

With as much experience as we have in replacing keys, we probably have the right key for your car in our mobile unit.

Cost of car key replacement

One of the benefits of contacting your trusted auto locksmith instead of a dealership or
mechanic is the lower cost.

Still, the price of replacing your key can vary depending on the kind of key you have. As we mentioned, mechanical keys are the fastest and cheapest to replace. You can expect to pay less than $50 to replace a standard mechanical key.

Transponder keys are going to be the next cheapest option, especially if your car doesn’t
require special programming. You can expect to pay somewhere between $130 and $200 for a
basic transponder key replacement.

Laser cut keys will be slightly more expensive, typically ranging from $150 to $250. Remember that these keys and later versions of transponder keys usually need to be reprogrammed to work with your car. Many laser cut keys are also switchblade keys, which tend to fall on the more expensive end of the price range.

Finally, there are the smart keys. Anything that uses keyless technology will require specialized equipment to program the FOB to your car. In general, prices for car key replacement for smart keys go from $200 to $500 or even more for high end cars. (Especially high security models like BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and more)

To get a more accurate quote of what car key replacement will cost for you, make sure to reach
out to us directly. Just by learning what kind of car you have, we will be able to tell you how
complex the replacement process will be and provide you with a quote.

Convenience of car key replacement with an auto locksmith

If you’ve lost your keys or are experiencing issues with your FOB, your first instinct might be to call up your dealership.

But, in many cases, relying on your local auto locksmith is a cheaper, more convenient option. Not only do we offer competitive pricing compared to dealerships and mechanics, but we’ll also come to you.

No need to worry about towing your car or running all over town looking for a key replacement. Whether you’re in Minneapolis city limits or a suburb like Chanhassen or Blaine, we’ll arrive with everything we need to put a set of car keys back in your hands.

Call us at Reliable Locksmith for all your auto locksmith needs!

We’ll come to your home or office in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area

As you can see, lock rekeying is a quick, affordable solution to restore or improve the security in your home or office. Whether you’re looking to rekey your locks on your Downtown West storefront or your home in St. Anthony Park, call our team at Reliable Locksmith here in Minneapolis. We’ll walk you through whether rekeying is the right move for your security needs.

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